Evolution of Medicinal Marijuana

Many Americans never thought they’d see the day where marijuana, a once demonized drug with no recognized medical purposes, would be getting a new lease on life like a new lease on used cars Langley as a medically accepted therapy.  However, in recent years and months, marijuana and its intrinsic chemical compounds are being touted as effective therapy for everything from chronic pain to seizures to cancer to depression.


The legality of marijuana makes it a risky treatment choice for anyone, no matter where they live in the US.  Even with a doctor’s prescription in one state, a user can drive 50 miles across state lines and be committing a felony just by being in possession of their legally prescribed medication.  Not to mention that federal law is still pretty ambiguous, no matter which state you’re in.  Technically, possession of marijuana is still a federal crime, despite recent decriminalization efforts and promises by the ATF and other federal organizations to let it slide.

The still-evolving legality of marijuana and its chemical attributes have made it a questionable treatment for many, despite so many claiming excellent results. Be sure to take advantage of your cities organic food delivery services once the munchies start kicking in.


Recently, with the new quasi-legal status of marijuana in the United States, more and more people are claiming that it’s the cure for what ails you.  It is said to cure depression, suppress seizures and even shrink tumors.  Some of the benefits are backed by serious clinical research.  Others, by word of mouth testimonials.  More high-profile physicians and organizations are jumping on the bandwagon of support, too.  Just a few short years ago, coming out in support of marijuana as a treatment option would have been veritable career suicide.   Now, however, it’s becoming a status symbol.


medical marijuanaOne of the single biggest selling points of using medicinal marijuana is the fact that it has very few negative side-effects.  Especially when compared to many prescriptions.  This seems to be one of the biggest reasons that consumers are turning away from modern pharmaceuticals and toward a more natural alternative.

Indeed, most of the ‘side effects’ of marijuana seem to be selling points.

This isn’t to say that using medicinal marijuana doesn’t have some intrinsic risks, however.  The legality factor alone is enough to scare many people away.  Even if you’re living and consuming in an area where marijuana use is legal for medicinal and even recreational purposes, getting caught with it in your system can cost you your job.   The Supreme Court has upheld the right of companies to terminate employees who test positive, despite legality and despite the fact that it shows up in drug tests for weeks after the effects have worn off.